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Celebrate your everlasting love with the Lawrence Banahan wedding experience

Imagine photographs that perfectly communicate every detail of your special day. From the cheesy grin on the groom’s face to the ivory lace wedding dress painting pictures with speckles of sunlight, I’ll capture your wedding day in all its beauty & individuality.

When you work with me, you’re working with a photojournalist who has an eye for details, the ones that matter and mean something to you.

I’ll spend time getting to know your loved ones and organising with your planner, so I’m able to create true-to-life images that feel effortless to capture and convey genuine emotion.

I might be biased, but I believe photography is the most important part of your wedding day. Once the day is over and loved ones are on the way home, all you have left are your memories. And, sadly, memories fade.

Working with a professional wedding photographer means never having to forget the moments that made up the best day of your life. The vibrancy, essence, and emotionality of your love are all accessible through your wedding photographs.



The Experience
Will I need my passport?

The Experience

If you require me from dawn to dusk, I’m there. If you need me for a small, intimate ceremony, I’d be honoured. If you’re looking for someone to capture your one-of-a-kind moves when you hit the dance floor, I’m ready.
Whatever you need, I’m there for you, camera in hand.
Every couple is different, and so are your photography needs. Real, authentic imagery doesn’t come from a cookie-cutter experience, which is why I offer bespoke photography services for all my European clients and couples.
Whether you need an all-day service or a few hours at a select time, I bring the same dedication and results-driven approach to every experience.
Contact me via the email or phone number below and let me know every detail of your special day. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with my availability and the next steps.

Will I need my passport?

The Lawrence Banahan wedding experience is available across Europe. I’m a seasoned traveller passionate about exploring new places and capturing your human reaction and interactions with these locations.
When you reach out, please include your wedding destination. Don’t be shy about telling me why you’ve chosen this breathtaking European setting— nothing brings me joy like hearing why you love a certain city or landscape!

bespoke photography

Capturing every detail

My role on your wedding day is to document every detail, so when you flick through photo albums with family and friends or gaze at the photographs on your mantelpiece, you’re transported back to that magical moment.

To help me tell the story of your wedding day through colour, light & composition, I use wide-angle photography— fusing your relationship with breathtaking surroundings to create unforgettable images that tell the timeless and true story of your day.


bespoke photography

candid imagery



Do you offer other photography services?

Yes, my photojournalism services are available for a range of events & experiences. When you reach out, please specify the special occasion you’re inquiring about. Popular sessions include:

  • Love sessions 
  • Engagement sessions
  • The Brides Boudoir
  • Trash the dress

Document your love the old-fashioned way

Searching for a way to make your wedding photos feel even more spontaneous? Analogue/film photography enables you to capture the moment with minimal influence over the final image.
As a trained analogue photographer, I’m able to ensure your photographs exhibit true light and colour while remaining focused and high-quality.

Sessions Photography

Choose the service that suits you

“We had excellent contact with Lawrence from the first meeting. He immediately knew how to put us at ease and reassure us about the organisation. Professional and discreet, Lawrence took superb photos of our wedding and we had a lot of fun discovering them as a family.”

-Brittany & Lionel

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