3 reasons why you need to hire a photojournalist as your wedding photographer

Once your wedding day is over, photographs are what keep it alive.  As a wedding photojournalist, I have the honour of creating mementoes for couples to find comfort and enjoyment in after their wedding day. Photojournalistic wedding photography is a popular choice for couples who want to document and reminisce over their wedding in the most authentic way possible.

Photojournalism promises to capture your wedding day exactly as it happened through candid, of-the-moment imagery. However, it isn’t the correct choice for every couple. Read this post to discover why photojournalism is a popular wedding photography choice and if it’s right for you.

What is a wedding photojournalist?

Wedding photojournalists focus on telling stories through their work. Instead of having a selection of photographs from throughout the night, with no cohesion or development, a photojournalistic wedding photographer captures a story from beginning to end. 

Photojournalistic wedding photography may focus on sections of your wedding, telling the story of your day through chapters. Or, if you hire your wedding photojournalist for the whole day, their work will share every element of your event. From perfecting your hair to confetti raining down on the dancefloor, every moment will be captured and conveyed through the work of your wedding photojournalist. You’ll be able to look back at these photos and see everything that happened as authentic as if you were still there in the moment. 

Some might say photojournalism is akin to time travel. I’d say it’s years of experience, an appreciation for the moment, and an understanding of what makes a good story.

Photojournalist versus fine art photographer

Modern photography is often preoccupied with capturing the perfect shot. Couples, friends, and family will spend hours posing for the camera as their wedding photographer manipulates them and their surroundings, idealising their reality. And while these photos are often beautiful (excess time goes into making them this way), they’re not real.

Photojournalistic wedding photography focuses on capturing the moment.  We don’t contort the scene or subject, but rather photograph people as they naturally appear and act. These small moments come together to tell the true story of your day.

Life is full of joyful moments– and I know you’ve experienced many. Those passages of time where it feels like everything has stood still, and it’s just you, the ones you love, and the thrill you feel? Photojournalism captures these moments– the ones you want to always remember.

Why should you invest in photojournalism for your wedding day?

Before reaching out to potential wedding photographers, you need to decide whether you want a wedding photojournalist or a fine art photographer. 

As you’re reading this post, I know you’re curious about the wonders of wedding photojournalism. I hope the following points will help you determine whether photojournalistic wedding photography is the right choice for you.

Photojournalism tells a story

Couples often choose wedding photojournalism because of its storytelling abilities. They know that when they view their wedding photos, it’s an authentic depiction of events. And, often, looking at these candid images transports them back to the moment.

Fine art photography might look pretty. But posed photography doesn’t capture true emotion or reflect real-life events. Looking at these images won’t stir up the same feelings or attachment to moments of unparalleled joy. Because, if we’re honest, posing for photos isn’t fun. You want to be laughing, dancing, sipping, and eating! 

Working with a wedding photojournalist means you can indulge in all the enjoyment of your wedding day without worrying about capturing it. Your photojournalist wedding photographer has that covered.

Photojournalists will ensure you’re comfortable

Not everyone loves posing for photographs. Whether it’s you or your guests, being camera adverse isn’t uncommon. Many of us aren’t used to having our photographs taken. And I know I feel much more confident behind the camera than in front. 

Photojournalistic wedding photography is ideal for those who don’t want to stand and pose. Your photojournalist wedding photographer will blend seamlessly into the background, so you don’t even know they’re there or snapping your photograph. 

As a  photojournalist wedding photographer who doesn’t love being in front of the camera myself, making clients comfortable is my number one priority. The majority of my photographs are taken without them knowing. And if I need to encourage them at any point during the day, I do it using natural prompts.

We have an eye for the details you’ll want to remember

Details are everything when it comes to capturing your wedding day. Wedding photojournalism focuses on capturing the reality of your event without missing any details. From the first look across the aisle to licking cake off your fingertips, everything comes together to make your wedding day yours. 

My decades in the industry mean I know which details will make a moment and how to capture them in the most authentic way possible. Every shot is carefully considered and plays a part in the photographic story of your day. When you look back at your wedding photographs, you’ll feel like you’re part of the moment, not observing it or witnessing a false account. 

Although I focus on capturing candid moments, that doesn’t mean I don’t hone in on design details or ensure you have pictures with your loved ones. Bridal jewellery, tablescapes, and bouquets are all part of the tapestry of your wedding day. Capturing these is essential to telling the entirety of your story. And those intimate moments between you and those you love are the focus of your narrative. Photojournalist photography captures these personal moments in the most natural way possible.

If you’ve been wondering why photojournalism is a popular choice for couples getting married, the answer is authenticity

Wedding photojournalism’s focus on candid shots, meaningful details, and storytelling gives people a way to return to their wedding day long after it’s over. Instead of obsessing over poses and feeling intimidated by the camera, you can experience your day. Meanwhile, your wedding photojournalist will capture every chapter of your wedding day. These true-to-life images enable you to return to moments of pure joy in the years to come.

Learn about the Lawrence Banahan European photojournalism wedding photography experience on our experience page. 

Enjoy living in the moment, I will take care of the rest.

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